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Wedding Garland Basics

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Most weddings these days include garlands somewhere at the ceremony or reception. They are a great way to adorn a staircase, arbor, wedding party chairs, or use as runners on a table to add natural touches to an event.

Best of all, if your client is on a budget - garlands are a great way to stretch the floral dollars, without breaking the bank.

How Much Garland You'll Need:

To figure out some basic measurements of what you'll need, here's a guide:

For a long table runner, you'll want at least 18-24 inches off both heads of the table, as to not interfere with the place settings. For example, for a 10 foot long table, you'll need roughly 6-7 feet of garland. If there are no guests sitting at the heads of the table, you can order the garland so it comes to the edge of the table, or drapes over the ends.

To do a garland on the circumference of a round table, you'll need to know some basic algebra. Remember the formula C = D x pi you learned in school. Take the diameter of the table multiplied by pi (or 3.14") and that will give you the measurement:

  • 36" round table has a circumference of 113.04", so you'll need about about 9.5 feet of garland

  • 42" round table has a circumference of 131.88", so you'll need about 11 feet of garland

  • 60" round table has an circumference of 188.4", so you'll need about 16 feet of garland

For a staircase or mantle - you'll need about 1.5 times the length. For example, a 6 foot mantle will require a 9 foot garland. A 15 foot banister, will require 22.5 feet of garland.

For a standard door, you will need at least 18 feet of garland. To be sure, it's best to measure the door frame.

Buying Product Or Making Your Own:

You can buy loose greenery by the bunch - in 10-25 bunch boxes and make your own custom garlands. Be sure to include a hefty labor fee to cover your costs. Hand made garlands are time consuming to make and there are so many options of greenery these days, pre-made garlands may be the way to go.

Standard pre-made garlands include combinations such as plumosa, salal, Italian ruscus, pittosporum and seeded eucalyptus. Often you can specify to the vendor what combination you prefer. You can also order a basic garland and add other greens to bulk it up. Garlands run wholesale between $3 and $12 per foot, so make sure you are charge accordingly, especially if you end up making it yourself.

Garlands go a long way in adding wedding decor without adding a lot of expense.

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

Robert Quillen

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