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Spring Time Cleaning

Updated: 7 days ago

We all feel it - we 're restless and antsy for spring sunshine. It's still cold during the days and a little frosty at night. We bundle up because it still feels like winter. On rare days Mother Nature teases us with a warm sunny day and we think we're past the cold months. We search our closets looking for something to wear "in between" (winter and summer).

Just like nature, during the winter we go into hibernation mode and tend to socialize less. Then spring comes along and we can't wait to go outside. We go on a cleaning spree, throwing out unused items, and freshen up all around us - our homes, wardrobes, gardens. Spring is the time to think about change.

Here are a few things you can do to help feed your spring fever.

1.) Out with the old - in with the new. It's a great time to de-clutter. The physical act of cleaning up your space makes you feel more organized and hopeful. Whether you're cleaning out your closets at home or getting rid of old product in your shop, if you haven't used an item for more than 3 years - it's time to purge. You can have a fun rummage sale, get rid of things on Facebook Marketplace, and donate items to Goodwill.

2.) Make meaningful connections. COVID had a huge affect on how people interact. Customers aren't getting the personal touch they're used to - it's been replaced by technology. Personal relationships have suffered as people turn to social media, rather than connect in person or over the phone. Hate crimes and violence are on the rise. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly replacing the human touch.

Consumers are less brand loyal because they are inundated with new options, especially on social media. However, people need personal connection. The more you can give this to your customers, the more loyal they will be. Don't forget about your customers when the busy season is over. Keep in touch through email, snail mail and social media. Offer events that encourage social interaction. Maybe you offer a fun "girls night out" flower arranging class, a monthly flower subscription, a bridal calendar, a reminder service for men prompting them to send flowers for their wives' birthdays, anniversaries, etc. All of these ideas will keep your customers engaged and coming back to you.

On the personal front, don't forget to nurture your friendships. Personal notes, or just a phone call saying "I'm thinking of you" goes a long way these days.

3.) Try something new in your marketing. You have only a few seconds to get someone's attention on social media - so try to get noticed. Re-fresh your website if you haven't done so for a while. Even a well designed home page with contact information is better than nothing. If you aren't using Instagram - take the plunge. Once people start following you, they'll want to see what you're up to. Instagram is a window into your business and gives you a voice on social media. You don't have to have the best Instagram out there - you just need to be consistent. Post regularly and try to have a look that sets you apart.

Spring is a great time to re-connect with people, try something new or re-think what you're doing.

“If you want to get rid of stuff, you can always do a good spring cleaning.

Or you can do what I do. Move.”

Ellen DeGeneres

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