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Saying "I Love You" Will Always Be Celebrated

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With the surge of the Omicron virus, it's hard to predict where Valentine's Day sales will fall, but according to the National Retail Federation, overall sales will be about what they were last year.

The overall spending on Valentine's Day flowers was $2 billion, in 2021, slightly down from 2020, but still strong. Spending on Valentine's Day flowers has averaged about the $2 billion per year over the last 10 years.

In 2021 men on average spent $231 for the holiday and women spent $101. Because of social distancing and more schools and companies having students and workers stay home, money spent on co-workers, teachers, and classmates was down significantly. Dollars spent on close loved ones stayed relatively the same.

That said, we can all expect about the same sales as last year - and hopefully slightly better with the holiday falling on Monday. Although celebrations of Valentine's Day might be more at home again in 2022, flowers will continue to be the gift of choice to say "I Love You".

Here's a look at Valentine's Day flower spending over the last 10 years from the National Retail Federation:

"Love: giving the last piece of cake no matter how much you want it"


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