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Our Favorite Weddings

If we had to name this year in the floral business - it would be the year of the wedding. I don't know about you, but as a wholesaler we have done more wedding orders this year than any other year in business. It never ceases to amaze us with what our customers create with our flowers and the unlimited well of creative talent they are blessed with.

I asked a few of our customers to send us photos of their favorite weddings they worked on this past year and here's what they came up with.

Designer: Urban Botanist

Venue: The Lace Factory, Deep River, CT

Date: August 14, 2021

Owned by Ashley Polverari , Urban Botanist is a boutique wedding and event studio located in Branford, CT. Ashley has a unique, trendy, non-traditional style which marries lots of texture, flow and color together. She often uses a central flower such as a dinner-plate-sized dahlia or king protea to draw your eye to the center of the bouquet. She is avid fan of dried flowers and incorporates dried with fresh. This wedding got cancelled due to COVID and was rescheduled this past August. As with many post-COVID weddings, everything was done by phone, email, and skype and she never actually met the couple until their wedding day.

The venue was the Lace Factory. Built in 1875, it is a charming historic landmark in Deep River Landing and served as a shipbuilding yard , delivering ivory to local piano factories. It's filled with light, old painted brick,

Designer: Green Cottage

Venue: Hasbrouck House, Stone Ridge, NY

Date: July 31, 2021

Nestled in the hamlet of High Falls, New York, the Green Cottage has been the Hudson Valley’s award winning florist and boutique for unique and artisan gifts for over 23 years. Owner Dennis Nutley sources from local artists, and stocks his store with cards, jewelry, accessories, luxury bath products, home decor and fanciful children's products. Dennis and his team offer a unique floral design, mixing traditional blossoms with the unexpected and unusual. He often uses locally grown flowers in his creations.

Named by the World Boutique Hotel Awards as The Americas’ Most Romantic Retreat, Hasbrouck House is centered around an 18th century Dutch Colonial stone mansion in the historic hamlet of Stone Ridge, NY. Hasbrouck provides an exclusive wedding venue, limited to one per weekend for up to 150 guests.

Designer: Green Cottage

Venue: Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, NY

Date: July 11, 2021

An enchantingly unique, rustic yet sophisticated, year round destination resort in the heart of upstate New York’s "Forever Wild" Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve, Full Moon Resort is a one hundred acre wonderland of meadows, forests and spring fed streams, providing an unsurpassed backdrop for magical Catskills weddings.

Designers: Fleurescent and Rustle Floral Co.

Venue: Waveny in New Canaan, CT

Date: August 20, 2020

Weddings were sparse in 2020, when large events were cancelled due to COVID. So how do you promote your business in an off year? Photographer Joanna Fisher wanted to set up a fantasy fairy tale wedding photo shoot, she dubbed "Once Upon a Dream", for her extensive wedding gallery. If you can't photograph a real wedding the next best thing is to create one on your own. Elizabeth Wecker of Fleurescent and Kate Rustle of Rustle Floral Co. signed up for the challenge, creating a dreamy, enchanting wedding. Dried and confectionary flowers were used along with fresh blooms to create a soft, dreamy fairy tale wedding set on 300 acres of Connecticut Countryside.

The photo shoot took place at Waveny House in New Canaan, CT. Constructed in 1912 for the Lewis Lapham family the Waveny mansion was designed by W. B. Tubbs of Greenwich. The gardens and grounds were laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., of Boston, a well-known landscape architect. Mrs. Lapham named Waveny House after Waveny River in England where Lapham's ancestors had once lived. The town of New Canaan purchased the park in 1967 and today it serves as a community recreation center for the town's residents. The mansion is used for weddings and large events.

If you have a wedding you've worked on this year and would like us to feature your work, please email some photos to Jan at:

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow"

John Lennon

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