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How to Stay Engaged with Your Customers

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Staying in touch with your customers during this time can be challenging to say the least, but it is important to stay connected with customers so they don’t forget about you.

While the news each day gets worse and you might throw up your hands in despair, we need to remember that this is temporary and business will come back once things settle down. On a global level, we are already seeing the flower industry come back in Asia and parts of Europe, so we are hopeful our area will recover as well.

Although our way of “doing business as usual” has been put on-hold, it shouldn’t stop us from trying to find creative ways to stay in touch. If you aren’t equipped with a website, Instagram or Facebook, now is the time to get on board with on-line marketing. Programs like Constant Contact and Mailchimp can help you start emailing customers with professionally designed templates. These programs are inexpensive and easy to use tools that can make your email marketing professional and polished.

“Tech free” Staying In Touch

If you prefer a more personal approach you can go the “low tech” route, by mailing a hand-written note to customers expressing how much you value them and how much you look forward to seeing them soon. For your very regular customers, you might even consider dropping off a bud vase or bouquet at their doorstep just to say you’re thinking of them and hoping they are staying healthy. Small gestures go a long way – and we all know from being in this business that flowers make people happy and personal customer care is so important.

Reaching Out Through Social Media

If you are on-line with customers – keep posting information and photos of your work to stay in front of your customers. If you are operating as a one-person shop, consider posting a weekly special on your website and promote it to customers. If you have emails you can email customers directly, or call them to let them know what you are doing during this time period. While the supply chain might be limited right now, you could formulate a simple recipe that can be easily fulfilled and offer no contact curbside delivery or pick-up.

For savvy on-line marketers you can post short videos from your phone with helpful content to keep customers thinking about flowers. You can also host a class on Zoom, a video conferencing platform, which many families, friends and businesses are using to hold meetings and stay connected.

Here are some ideas for content:

  • Homemade remedies to extend the vase life of flowers

  • How to make simple arrangements at home

  • Make a stunning arrangement with just greens

  • Forcing branches and bulbs – show a progression through photographs

  • Making a plant basket or outdoor container for Spring

  • How to turn any type of object into a floral vessel

  • How to decorate a home with flowers – show before and after photos, emphasizing the benefits of having flowers in the house

Increase your social network by inviting your customers to share your posts and making comments on your customer’s posts. Another great source for help with social marketing is Canva, which has professional templates and designs to use for your social media. This platform is easy to use and offers a free trial period.

Including Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to connect your posts with other social media groups, so people can see your images, click on them and start following you. There are all sorts of hashtags out there bringing people together.

Be sure to include some of these hashtags in your posts. One is #flowerboostchallenge, a worldwide hashtag collecting photos of shops, growers and vendors donating flowers to family, friends, health care workers, etc. to boost morale during these trying times. Another hashtag is #loveisnotcancelled, dedicated to the wedding industry – inspiring people to promote their wedding businesses even though many events have been postponed.

Whether you’re an Instagram pro or you prefer to stay in touch by phone or mail, you can still find ways to reach out to customers and keep them engaged. We’d love to hear any creative ways you’ve found to keep in touch.

“Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear”

Suzanne Collins

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