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A Visit to Lavender Pond Farm

Whenever I see lavender, I think of what it might be like living in the countryside of Provence, where an abundance of these fragrant stems grow wild on every hillside.

Lavender is a versatile herb and has so many purposes. Its oil is used as a disinfectant, an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and for aromatherapy. It heals insect bites, sunburns, small cuts, burns, inflammatory conditions and even acne. Lavender oils are also used for internal medical conditions, such as heartburn. The oil soothes headaches, migraines and motion sickness when applied to the temples. Because of its soothing fragrance it is frequently used as an aid for sleep and relaxation. As a member of the mint family, it is also used in the culinary arts in combination with other herbs.

This summer I was fortunate to visit a lavender farm right here in Connecticut, called Lavender Pond Farms, in Killingworth. Started in 2016 with 9000 lavender plants and the purchase of 25 acres of land, its inspiration came from the owner's desire to honor her late mother, who passed away from breast cancer.

During her mom's illness she often read her the story of Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, a children's book about a woman whose desire to make the world a more beautiful place inspires her to plant lupine seeds around her village.

The farm is open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily in the summer. Not only can you experience the intoxicating fields of lavender, but there are also mazes, outdoor games, a train ride around the property and a gift shop filled with products made at the farm. It is truly a very special place to visit.

"If you want to change the world, make something beautiful"

Charlie Peacock

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