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Wedding Trends for 2021

The explosion of weddings and events in 2021 is leading to a number of trendy new twists for this year's nuptials. Couples who have put their weddings on hold in 2020 want to make their event more meaningful and memorable this year- especially through flowers.

According to Bride's magazine, here are a few trends to look for this year:

1) Celebrating with Color - brides are moving away from the traditional cream and gold color palette and opting for a more bold, bright, colorful scheme to celebrate their long awaited ceremonies in 2021.

2) Showcasing Tiny Blooms - while big blooms like dahlias and peonies will always be in style, brides are opting for tiny blooms, such as sweet pea, and tweedia. Brides are requesting more playful blooms to highlight the spirit of celebrating in 2021. 3) Bring on the Texture - Brides are moving away from greenery and the traditional ball of flowers for their bouquet. Designs that incorporate a mixture of dried and fresh flowers are on trend.

4) A Return to Earth Tones - designers are moving away from pinks and mauves and on to rusty oranges, terra cottas and honey yellow tones, especially for BOHO themed weddings.

5) Le Petit Bouquet - Edited down bouquets are the leading trend this year. They reflect an old-world humility that contradicts the "over the top" wedding designs of past years. As we leave the emotional heaviness of 2020 - so do we leave heavy bouquets brides will be carrying this year.

6) Monochromatic Looks - 2019 had wildflowers, 2020 had gradient colors, and 2021 is all about the monochromatic bouquet. The key to making the monochromatic design work is using subtle shades of the same color to not lose any of the beautiful details.

7) Statement Installations - Think Instagram opportunities. Rather than spreading the wedding budget over multiple spaces that don't have a large impact, more brides are opting to do a single statement installation, such as a wall of flowers, an installation down a staircase or around an arbor.

8) The "Aisle Meadow" - Designing an aisle chocked full of flowers, petals, etc., creates a focal point for the ceremony and a way to frame the couple with their guests during the ceremony. 9) The Artistic Arch - Moon arches, illusion arches and creative arbors provide an artistic setting for nuptials. You'll see more of these in wedding photos across social media.

10) Dynamic Tablescapes - A beautiful meal and a stunning table (even for a small wedding) is always in style. More requests are being made for "still life" tables - decor inspired by still life paintings. You'll see gauzy table runners, anchored by lush, overgrown centerpieces, candles and some unexpected elements - like fruits, nuts, books.

11) Expressiveness - More couples are using vibrant, lush, visual expressions of color. Along with a neutral palette, you'll see bold pops of color such as a fiery orange-red, periwinkle, or marigold.

12) Make Meaning with Flowers - Couples who've put their weddings on hold from 2020, want a more artful, meaningful approach. They're opting for intentional and special blooms and less "fluff". Think "the language of flowers". Selecting a flower that symbolizes some significance in the relationship is more important in 2021 than ever before.

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

The Beatles

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