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Need A Creative Idea For Centerpieces This Week? Think Texture

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

As florists, we sometimes think evergreens are the only way to decorate for the season, but there's so much other foliage to work with that will make your arrangements stand out from everyone else's. The unexpected use of texture can really add interest and detail without breaking the bank.

Don't be shy about trying something new. Mixing your evergreens with rex begonia leaves, silver brunia, silver dollar eucalyptus, sage leaves, olive branches, rosemary, eryngium, dusty miller, berzelia, and more, can give your arrangements an elegant twist, without adding a lot of cost - and a little goes a long way.

While some of these greens, like begonia leaves and dusty miller, won't tolerate the cold weather and are limited to indoor arrangements, you can try spraying some hardier buds like berzelia, with Design Master gold or silver Colortool. This will add some sparkle and keep them lasting longer outside.

Here's an assortment to whet your appetite and get your creative juices flowing:

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Magazine

"There is no better designer than nature"

Alexander McQueen

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