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The Friendship Holiday - "Gal"entine's Day

Millennials know how to celebrate their friends. This year, Sunday, February 13th, is designated as Galentine's Day - a day for women to celebrate their female friends and tell them how special they are. Like "Friendsgiving", this holiday has been around for several years, but continues to grow in popularity.

With isolation and social distancing created by the pandemic, connections with friends and loved ones are more important than ever. You'll see more posts on social media about this holiday, so be sure to plan ahead with your advertising.

To honor their gal pals, women give small tokens of appreciation. Chances are you'll be in your shop this day prepping for Monday, so having a few ready made take-aways on hand might help drum up some business. You'll want to do some posting about this on your social media platforms to give your customers ideas of what to give. Consider offering petite vases, hand-tied bouquets, or pampering gifts such as soaps and bath oils - all packaged and ready to go for your female customers. You might want to offer a "virtual" friends night out in your shop - a way for women to get together and learn something new.

All of these ideas can be advertised on-line to make additional Valentine's Day sales and what you don't sell on the 13th - can still be sold on the 14th.

"There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family."


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