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Spreading Spring - Check Out Our Flower Flash Installations

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

To celebrate the start of Spring, 2020 last week area floral designers worked together to spread some much needed joy to neighborhoods in New Haven, Milford and Branford.

We were more than happy to donate hundreds of unsold blooms and greens to create their masterful flower installations. They appeared at several locations on the New Haven green, Main Street in Milford and the town green in Branford.

Many thanks to our talented crew of designers who generously donated their time and energy to uplift our spirits and spread some smiles to our communities:

1. Elizabeth Wecker, owner of Fleurescent in Milford

2. Katelyn Russell, owner of Rustle Floral Company in Shelton and horticulture specialist with National Floral Supply

3. Mary Simmons, owner of Persephone Floral in New Haven

4. Kate Brunson, owner of Maple & Mum in Branford

5. Ashley Polverari, owner of Urban Botanist in Branford

If you missed it, check out the photos and news media coverage on our Instagram page as well as each designer's Instagram posts: @nationalfloralsupply, @fleurescent, @rustlefloralco, @persephoneforal, @mapleandmum, @urbanbontanist or go to #flora19 on Instagram.

photo credit: locust and honey photography

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