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Ode to the Florist

‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day and all through the shop

Not a human was resting and the phones wouldn’t stop

The arrangements were placed in the cooler with care

In hopes that customers soon would be there

The designers stuffing their faces with Red Bulls and meds

While visions of flowers danced in their heads

The drivers all tired, bedraggled, and sore

From delivering flowers, candy, balloons and more

This holiday is hard and not for the meek

It takes fortitude and strength to get through this week

We cry and we swear and let out some yells

There’s a reason we call this the holiday from hell

So, if you’re still standing on February 15

Pat yourself on the back and get off your feet

If flowers had an Olympics you'd win the gold

Just look around you and see how much you sold

To all of you who make flowers into art

We are grateful for your talent and doing your part

You make us look forward to each morning sun

Without your passion and creativity, we would have none



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