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Holiday Recovery Time - The Day After

It's Monday, the day after Valentine's Day. If you're like most florists - you might feel like a truck ran over you. You're likely to feel exhilarated, exhausted, relieved, stressed, or a combination of emotions.

The day after the holiday you might have to service customers who forgot about Valentine's Day and want to send something. You might have to field some unhappy customer calls - with the volume you did - there might be a few snafus, but take time this day to take stock.

Here are a few tips to help:

At some point today, take some deep breaths to settle your mind and body. "Just breathe" is a mantra that works because it forces you to focus on just living. No matter what is going on around you, have no judgement or expectations. Instead take a moment of quiet to just "be". Stay calm and relaxed and be in the moment. Everything else can fall away, as you focus on some deep breaths.

Be grateful for what an amazing job you did. Valentine's Day is one of the most demanding days in our business. Give yourself credit for a job well done and pat yourself on the back for making it through the weekend. While this business promotes beauty, it's not for the fainthearted. It's demanding, stressful and takes tremendous stamina. Be grateful you are here today.

Think about what keeps you in this business and be thankful for what you've accomplished. Maybe you've been in the business for decades, or you're just starting out. You love flowers, you're creative, and you're a people pleaser. You make people happy by what you do. Honor that skill and talent in you and know that you are one of a kind, unique in every way.

Shift your attention to someone you care about. Envision them, and wish them peace, health and happiness. Take the moment to feel grateful for those around you that you love. Know that you helped people show their love this holiday. Picture their happiness.

Let go - whatever happened this holiday, let the stress go. Maybe you had an incredible holiday, or maybe you fell short of where you expected. Whatever the case, you can't change yesterday. Let it go. Know that Spring is around the corner - the time Nature renews itself. Let go and look forward to new beginnings. Each day we have a chance to start again.

"Everyday we are born again. What we do today matters most"


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