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Essential Designs for Fall 2020 Wedding Couture

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Get ready for Fall 2020 - - Weddings, albeit smaller and more sporadic this season, are coming back and the delicious hot color is caramel. Quicksand, Sahara, and Toffee roses are in high demand this Fall. Combine these with a touch of brown and you've got a trendy fall look that's simple, elegant and understated.

Open any wedding magazine these days and you'll see another hot new trend - designers using tropical palms, buds and greenery - bleached or colored in a dusty pink, pale turquoise or sage green palette. Mixed with fresh florals and dried materials and you've created an organic, aesthetically pleasing wedding look for trend-setting brides. In addition, you'll see lots of color using tropical foliage for brides who aren't afraid to be bold.

How to get the look? Sun palms are the hottest selling greenery for weddings - in bright colors, bleached or dried naturally - they can be cut or shaped to add texture and the "Wow" factor to wedding decor.

Also on trend, the ever-popular deconstructed design offers the art of simplicity for the bride wanting a clean, organic look. You'll see more brides opting for hanging single stems off an arbor, rather than elaborate, flowery creations. Using a few flowers in multiple glassware or under a dome of glass is a trend to stay.

The bohemian, "ode to the natural look", continues to be a strong theme in wedding couture. Brides are opting for casual wedding fashion. Combine this look with dried flowers and re-purposing flowers into wearable art and you've captured the look that says vintage, artsy and unconventional. Brides today are environmentally conscious and opting for locally grown, seasonable product. It's all about sustainability and re-purposing.

"Flowers are a universal language that every bride understands."

- Colin Cowie

Credit: Honey & Poppies

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