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Mothers of Ukraine

I don't usually post about political viewpoints or world events, but I am unapologetic today. I can't stop thinking about Mother's Day without feeling the pain and loss of so many Ukrainians - and what courage and suffering the mothers (and fathers) in this country must endure.

Many are homeless and widowed. Many have fled the life they have known. Many have been raped, beaten and killed. Many have watched their own children suffer and die in their arms. It's hard to fathom how many people have died in Ukraine these past few weeks. Even harder to imagine that one person can inflict so much horror and fear on the world.

I, like many of us, feel hopeless while the world watches this violence unfold. I wanted to honor those women by posting some photographs and quotes to depict their unconditional love and extraordinary strength to protect their children. These aren't the photos of happy children and smiling mothers - but my hope is that you will in your own way honor these women.

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine. Perhaps you will consider planting some sunflowers in your garden or using them in your arrangements, and for a moment think of these brave women on Mother's Day.

"We will not be afraid of the fight, we will not hide, we will not be scared of the bombs, we will not be scared of anything."

"I believe that we will not lose our country, and I believe that we will be living in our country, and I believe that we will be fine and I will plant on my property all those spruces that I've been dreaming of."

"I have just run out of tears to cry,"

Quotes from Ukrainian Mothers

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